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The Center for Bioresonance in Munich

Over the years, the naturopathic practice located in the heart of Munich has developed into a center for bioresonance therapy. Through the many years of research by naturopath Alan Baklayan, the practice successfully applies frequencies using the in-house developed bioresonance device, Trikombin.

Trikombin is the result of many years of research. After just 12 months of exclusive application of the new device for treatment and testing, results far exceeded hoped-for results.

Naturopath Alan Baklayan and his team of experienced therapists look forward to helping you find a solution to your health problems. The practice has extensive experience with patients who do not respond well to conventional therapy.

Everything in the universe is energy and oscillates at its own distinct frequency. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi as well as harmful substances, environmental toxins, etc. – but also our emotions and passions oscillate in their own way. All that is damaging to us and can make us sick.

Frequency therapy aims to bring the body back into balance by generating oscillations that correspond to those of the pathogens. These frequencies flow through the body, and whatever is diseased and resonates with the frequency, dies. Similar to how glass breaks at a certain tone.

Alan E. Baklayan
Alan E. Baklayan

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