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For many years our naturopathy practice has been a centre for frequency therapy and bioresonance in Munich. Led by alternative practitioner Alan E. Baklayan, one of the most renowned researchers and developers in the field of frequency application, our team follows, among others, the approach of harmonic frequency application. The Harmonic Frequency Application teaches us that diseases and symptoms, indisposition and lack of energy are the results of a disharmony of the internal organs and control systems, which no longer harmonize with each other, weaken and block each other.

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Bioresonance and Frequency Therapy

Over the years, the naturopathic practice located in the heart of Munich has developed into a center for bioresonance therapy. Through the many years of research by naturopath Alan Baklayan, the practice successfully applies frequencies using the in-house developed bioresonance device, Trikombin.

Trikombin is the result of many years of research. After just 12 months of exclusive application of the new device for treatment and testing, results far exceeded hoped-for results.

Naturopath Alan Baklayan and his team of experienced therapists look forward to helping you find a solution to your health problems. The practice has extensive experience with patients who do not respond well to conventional therapy.

Everything in the universe is energy and oscillates at its own distinct frequency. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi as well as harmful substances, environmental toxins, etc. – but also our emotions and passions oscillate in their own way. All that is damaging to us and can make us sick.

Frequency therapy aims to bring the body back into balance by generating oscillations that correspond to those of the pathogens. These frequencies flow through the body, and whatever is diseased and resonates with the frequency, dies. Similar to how glass breaks at a certain tone.


Bioresonance and Frequency Therapy

Frequency therapy aims to bring the body back into balance by generating oscillations that correspond to those of pathogenic oscillations.

Harmonical Frequency Procedure

Traditional medicine and modern technology unite. The harmonic frequency application is a method with which all frequency ranges can be targeted by a trained therapist within a very short time.


Gentle chiropractic to mobilize the spine. In osteopathy, the aim is to restore the body's statics and the free function of the joints; through gentle mobilisation techniques, MET (muscle energy techniques), special massages and moxa treatment (Chinese heat application at the acupuncture points).

Our team


Alan E. Baklayan

Alan E. Baklayan opened his practice in August 1985. Since then, he has become a renowned pioneer, educator, researcher, and author, particularly in the field of bioresnonance therapy. You can learn more about Alan E. Baklayan on the author page.



Axel Forstner

Axel Forstner has been at the naturopathic practice since 2007. He chose to become a naturopath because he wanted to work with people in addressing their individual, personal needs. His specialties are homeopathy and chiropractic.

Motto: Find what heals.


Rainer Fauth

Rainer Fauth joined the practice in the year 2000 and is a naturopath by conviction. His education includes TCM, homeopathy, OAP, FRM, Bach flower extracts, and, of course, frequency therapy.

Motto: One patient at a time


Andrea Ricci

Andrea Ricci has worked at our practice since 2004. She became a naturopath because she did not wish her children to be treated with only chemicals and was looking for alternatives for them. Her specialties are homeopathy and bioresonance.

Motto: Help the body help itself.


Sibel Johl


Boris Springhorn

We work with: TRIKOMBIN

The tridimensional system TRIKOMBIN is a frequency device developed by alternative practitioner Alan E. Baklayan, which combines three forms of ßrocedures! The matrix discharge application as well as the bioresonance and frequency procedure. With the Trikombin we work according to the system of the harmonical frequency procedure according to Baklayan, which combines modern medicine and traditional healing methods.

More about the TRIKOMBINThe tridimensional frequency device

We work with: Diamond Shield Zapper

Begun by researchers such as Dr. Hulda Clark and Raymond Rife, the zapper has now taken a major step forward with the development of the Diamond Shield Zapper IE with microcurrents by alternative practitioner Alan E. Baklayan and his intensive work with frequency and bioresonance procedures.
More about the Diamond Shield ZapperThe home frequency device

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