Basic concepts for understanding bioresonance therapies

  • Electromagnetic information can be found within and all around the body. These are superior to bio-chemical processes and control them. Cellular bonds and organs oscillate at a certain frequency. This is how a frequency spectrum is created in the organism.
  • In addition to physiological electromagnetic information, every human being also has pathological information – caused by injuries, micro-organisms, unresolved illnesses, etc.
  • The physiological and the pathological information combined is referred to as patient-specific information.
  • This patient-specific information can be gleaned from the surface of the body by means of the sensor of the bioresonance device. (antenna effect)
  • Using modern electronics, the device can filter out the pathological information. It then transforms the patient information pattern into therapy signals that are subsequently directed back into the patient’s body.
  • The therapy signals cause a therapeutic effect in the patient’s body via the attempt to offset or reduce the pathological information and to stimulate or strengthen the physiological information.
  • If the bio-physical energy situation improves, an improvement in the the bio-chemical processes towards normalization and/or healing follows.
  • The main goal of bioresonance therapy is to activate the body’s own powers of regulation, and to free the body of dysfunctional pathological influences to a level where healing can begin.

Everything in the cosmos is energy and oscillates at its own distinct frequency. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, as well as harmful substances, environmental toxins, etc. , but also our emotions and passions oscillate in their own way. All that can make us weak and sick.

Frequency therapy aims to bring the body back into equilibrium, by creating frequencies that correspond to those of the pathogens. These frequencies are then directed through the body, and whatever is diseased and resonates with that frequency, dies. Similar to how glass shatters at a certain tone.