Everything in the cosmos is energy and oscillates at its own distinct frequency. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, as well as harmful substances, environmental toxins, etc. , but also our emotions and passions oscillate in their own way. All that can make us weak and sick.More about bioresonance therapy


Bowel cleansing and recovery therapy

Due to sterilized and denatured food, as well as an unbalanced diet and lifestyle, the equilibrium of bacteria in the intestines can be disrupted. Toxins and waste material are no longer broken down sufficiently and eliminated.


Gentle chiropractic for improved mobility of the spine. Osteopathy seeks to restore homeostasis in the body and free movement of joints through gentle manipulation, MET (muscle energy techniques), specialty massages, and moxibustion treatments (Chinese heat application at acupuncture points). The martial arts school that Alan Baklayan has operated since 1978 has given him the opportunity to specialize in this area and treat every type of spine, spinal disk, or joint issue.
If applicable, all treatments are enhanced with traditional approaches such as acupuncture, phytotherapy (plant extracts as health-promoting agents), Chinese herbal formulations, homeopathy, cupping, the Baunscheidt method, neural therapy, diet, specialized skin care, and orthomolecular substances.